Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Hat is Wearing Me

So I was just sitting here in the basement drinking some PBR and listening to Manson by myself while everyone else is asleep upstairs (PARTY MONSTER!), when I realized, Hey, this outfit is pretty cute, I should take pictures! Obviously the lighting at one AM is not ideal, but I kind of like the creepy vibe I've got going on here.

Sweater and tank top from Rue 21. Thrifted skirt. Shoes were given to me by a co-worker. Necklace was my grandmother's. 
I added some cheap black lipstick I got from the Halloween section at Wal-mart so I would look a little more eerie and so I could feel like I was in a black and white movie (Addison's dad said this outfit was "so 40's"). And these red curtains in our bedroom remind me of the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks.

Addison just got home from Applebee's, where he had drinks with his co-workers, and he told me he had something called an Irish Trashcan, which was made with Redbull and whiskey. The fact that he is talking my head off right now proves the Trashcan did its trick; GOSH, ADDISON, STOP DISTRACTING ME, BLOGGING IS SRS BUSINESS!

Just kidding. I'm going to go hang out with him now.


  1. I like your necklace. Black lipstick is always fun. Your blog name makes me smile.:)