Monday, June 27, 2011

Gravity's Got Nothing On Us Now

Hello again!

I had some problems with the internet for a while (i.e., the people whose internet connection Addison and I were "borrowing" moved and took their connection with them), but now all is right with the world, and I can blog and play the Tumblr Drinking Game and watch Skins on Netflix to my heart's content.

While I was away from the worldwide web, I went to the zoo with Kevin and Addison and Addison's brothers.

Kevin took these pictures of me.

Dress, tights, and boots from Rue 21. Mask from Chattanooga Zoo gift shop.


I also watched The Craft (three times in four days).

I need more witch friends to have slumber parties and trade clothes and do spells with (just don't try to kill me, okay?).

Oh yeah, and I let a three-year-old boy do my makeup.

Shawn isn't just a makeup artist, he's a photographer too! This picture of him is a self-portrait.

I had more adventures the past few weeks too, but they deserve their own posts.

How is your summer going so far?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Black on Black

Rue 21 dress. Fishnets. Thrifted boots. Black and white scarf from Heritage 1981. Skull scarf from KMart. Bullet bracelet is Kevin's. Glasses from Wal-Mart.

I started watching the original U.K. version of Skins. The first episode didn't excite me much, but now I'm six episodes in, and the characters are starting to grow on me.
Like poor Cassie. I just want to raid her wardrobe and share a milkshake with her and tell her everything is going to be okay.

And Sid.

Where can I get a shirt like that?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rose White Rose Red

you've got to stop and smell the roses

My mom painted/embroidered/bedazzled this denim shirt in the late 60's; because she is a packrat, she never gave it away -- but I never saw her wear it either. This shirt has hung in at least seven different closets in its lifetime, and it even survived a fire. I helped my mom move to Mississippi about a year ago. She had this shirt packed, but it never made it out of my car -- I decided to bring it home with me, where it could get the love it deserves. My mom probably hasn't even noticed it's missing. Good thing she doesn't know what a blog is.

My favorite parts of this shirt are the strawberry on the collar and the random metal cross on the side. (My mom is like an OG goth -- I am not kidding you when I say her favorite pastimes include strolling through cemeteries, watching Vincent Price movies, and dying her hair with Manic Panic. She is 61 years old, by the way.) Of course, the rose on the back is also lovely (did you notice the little embroidered bee near my left shoulder?) and coordinated nicely with my jumper.

Jumper from Rue 21. Shoes from Target. Vintage denim shirt. Vintage necklaces.

In other news, issue six of my zine is ready to go! 

My zines are cut-and-paste per-zines that feature random writings about my life, DIY tutorials, and recipes. This issue also has instructions for the Twin Peaks drinking game Addison and I made up. If you would like a copy, come on over to my etsy shop.

I have to take some fries out of the oven now. (I almost forgot about them!) See you later!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Rock and Roll All Night

Party every day.

KISS shirt I cut up myself. Shorts from Rue 21. Tights were a birthday present from Addison (rips unintentional; I foolishly put them in the washing machine). Boots from Wal-Mart. Found belt. Bullet bracelet is Kevin's (he left it at my place, so I assumed that meant I should wear it).

Don't mind the stupid look on my face in the first picture; it was painfully bright outside.

I wore this outfit to a party Addison and I went to at his friend Max's place. The party was all right because it had Rock Band and Captain Morgan's spiced rum, but the most exciting part of the party was this tiny little broad -- she was maybe five foot tall and ninety-something pounds -- who was a real life party monster. As soon as she met me, she started calling me her girlfriend and saying we should take sexy pictures together. She made me a drink that she called "cum in my pants," which was a combination of Bailey's Irish Cream coffee creamer and rum (it was pretty damn delicious). She told me she wanted to give me a makeover, and the part of me that misses slumber parties and makeovers and all the innocent fun of my youth complied. Lesson learned: don't let drunk people give you makeovers. She tied all hair up in a ponytail on top of my head and applied layer after layer of pink eyeshadow on me. I literally shrieked in fright when I saw my reflection, but I didn't do anything about it because this girl kept saying she had the power to damn people. After the makeover, we went outside to smoke, and she started crying and tried to kiss me. I awkwardly hugged her and went inside, but she followed me and slammed me into a wall, causing me to spill my "cum in my pants" all over a television. Around this time, I texted Kevin and told him to come save me. He showed up, and this girl started yelling in another language and saying she was damning him. 
"What is she speaking?" Kevin asked. 
"Apparently it's Sanskrit," I answered. 
"That's a font in Microsoft Word," Kevin replied, unafraid.
Later, after burning me about six times with a cigarette she didn't have the motor skills to smoke, she finally went to sleep.
The party died down, and Kevin and Addison and I came back to our place, where we drank some pilfered Bud Light and went to sleep in the Christmas room.

It was a pretty exciting night.

How was your weekend?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wrapped in Plastic

A few things I love this week:

This Virgin of Guadalupe ring my friend Denise gave me. Apparently she got it from a quarter machine somewhere. I should check out quarter machines more often!

from BookHouse Creations on etsy
As I have said before and will more than likely say again, I am a bit obsessed with Twin Peaks. This charm bracelet is so amazing.

This book is funny and scary and quirky and fun. It takes place in the near future, where books are considered artifacts and people spend more time communicating via handheld devices than they do actually talking to one another (or "verballing," as Shteyngart says in the novel). Shteyngart is definitely a gifted satirist. I can't speak for Kurt Vonnegut, but I kind of think he would dig this book.

And some links to check out this weekend:
  • The Dainty Squid is a fun little blog full of cute clothes, DIY tutorials, yummy recipes, and adorable cats. Kaylah was just chosen to be Modcloth's Blogger of the Moment, and I can't think of anyone who deserves the title more.
  • Homesick Texan makes me hungry. This blog, full of incredible recipes, is like food porn to me. I wish I could hire Lisa as my personal chef and have her cook every one of my meals for the rest of my life. (Okay, I might be exaggerating a little, but seriously, I could go for some Ancho-Chile Shrimp Quesadillas right now.)
  • The papernstitch blog is a huge source of inspiration to me. For creative interior decorating ideas, tons of DIY tutorials, and even advice on how to run your own business, look no further.

That's all for this week. See you Monday!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I wanna be your dog.

I don't always dress like I'm tough shit. Sometimes I go for more of a kitschy retro housewife kind of look.

Dress from Rue 21. Necklace from Claire's. Vintage dog pin. Shoes were a gift from a co-worker.

This weekend was pretty cool. Kevin and LQ came over to hang out with Addison and me. I decorated our bedroom with Christmas lights and lit a few candles. We all hung out in there and called it "the Christmas room."

The overall feel of the Christmas room was incredible, especially since Kevin played some Black Tape for a Blue Girl on his Zune.

And while we're on the subject of creepy ambience: Addison and I watched Eraserhead while drinking Big K grape soda and vodka last night. (Big K is wonderful!)

The ending caught me off guard, but I thought the film was amazing nonetheless. I'm growing really attached to David Lynch, and Jack Nance's face is one of the most adorable faces ever.

I'm off to finish my zine (which I will post about soon), but I'll leave you with a picture of my nail polish collection, just for fun.