Monday, September 19, 2011

The Edge of the Desert

Vintage USMC shirt. Thrifted fringe shirt. Found belt. Rue 21 jeans, shoes, and bracelets.

I got this marine shirt at an estate sale in Dalton. I love it because it has obviously been through a lot: there is a rip on the back that was crookedly sewn shut, causing the shirt to be slightly asymmetrical, and there are rust-colored stains of unknown origin on the front and back of the shirt. Also, this shirt is very soft and cozy and I just want to be like Lindsay Weir and live in it forever.

The fringed top is something I picked up at the paper bag sale I mentioned in my last post. I'm actually wearing it backwards in these pictures because it's a crop top, and when worn the way it was intended to be worn, it reveals a bit more midriff than I'm comfortable with showing. (OK, a lot more -- this shirt is pretty scandalous.)

While we are on the subject of fringe, I watched three episodes of the show Fringe the other day, and though I was kind of clueless as to what was going on (due to diving right in to the end of season three), I really enjoyed it, and I wish I could watch it instantly on Netflix because I'm too impatient for mail sometimes.

Also, Pacey's cute. (I know, I know, his name is Joshua Jackson, but he will always be Pacey to me. ♥)


  1. Love Fringe, although I'd definitely recommend watching it from the beginning. I would be totally confused if I jumped in for the more recent episodes. (I haven't actually seen all of Season 3 yet, but I bought it for a friend and intend to have a marathon or two.) I also laughed pretty hard at that old Joshua Jackson milk ad. Good find.

  2. Super shoes! nice vintage shirt and I love the bracelets :)

  3. Love ur jacket! :D
    Kisses from Barcelona