Monday, June 6, 2011

Rock and Roll All Night

Party every day.

KISS shirt I cut up myself. Shorts from Rue 21. Tights were a birthday present from Addison (rips unintentional; I foolishly put them in the washing machine). Boots from Wal-Mart. Found belt. Bullet bracelet is Kevin's (he left it at my place, so I assumed that meant I should wear it).

Don't mind the stupid look on my face in the first picture; it was painfully bright outside.

I wore this outfit to a party Addison and I went to at his friend Max's place. The party was all right because it had Rock Band and Captain Morgan's spiced rum, but the most exciting part of the party was this tiny little broad -- she was maybe five foot tall and ninety-something pounds -- who was a real life party monster. As soon as she met me, she started calling me her girlfriend and saying we should take sexy pictures together. She made me a drink that she called "cum in my pants," which was a combination of Bailey's Irish Cream coffee creamer and rum (it was pretty damn delicious). She told me she wanted to give me a makeover, and the part of me that misses slumber parties and makeovers and all the innocent fun of my youth complied. Lesson learned: don't let drunk people give you makeovers. She tied all hair up in a ponytail on top of my head and applied layer after layer of pink eyeshadow on me. I literally shrieked in fright when I saw my reflection, but I didn't do anything about it because this girl kept saying she had the power to damn people. After the makeover, we went outside to smoke, and she started crying and tried to kiss me. I awkwardly hugged her and went inside, but she followed me and slammed me into a wall, causing me to spill my "cum in my pants" all over a television. Around this time, I texted Kevin and told him to come save me. He showed up, and this girl started yelling in another language and saying she was damning him. 
"What is she speaking?" Kevin asked. 
"Apparently it's Sanskrit," I answered. 
"That's a font in Microsoft Word," Kevin replied, unafraid.
Later, after burning me about six times with a cigarette she didn't have the motor skills to smoke, she finally went to sleep.
The party died down, and Kevin and Addison and I came back to our place, where we drank some pilfered Bud Light and went to sleep in the Christmas room.

It was a pretty exciting night.

How was your weekend?


  1. I love this look, the tights especially. Thanks for sharing photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.