Monday, June 27, 2011

Gravity's Got Nothing On Us Now

Hello again!

I had some problems with the internet for a while (i.e., the people whose internet connection Addison and I were "borrowing" moved and took their connection with them), but now all is right with the world, and I can blog and play the Tumblr Drinking Game and watch Skins on Netflix to my heart's content.

While I was away from the worldwide web, I went to the zoo with Kevin and Addison and Addison's brothers.

Kevin took these pictures of me.

Dress, tights, and boots from Rue 21. Mask from Chattanooga Zoo gift shop.


I also watched The Craft (three times in four days).

I need more witch friends to have slumber parties and trade clothes and do spells with (just don't try to kill me, okay?).

Oh yeah, and I let a three-year-old boy do my makeup.

Shawn isn't just a makeup artist, he's a photographer too! This picture of him is a self-portrait.

I had more adventures the past few weeks too, but they deserve their own posts.

How is your summer going so far?


  1. you have a realy cool blog!

  2. Misterious photos with your mask! funny makeup haha and thanks for posting about that film beacuse I didnt know and looks very very interesting, maybe i will see it tonight :D kisses lovely girl! (thanks for visit my blog!!)

  3. Saul, I think you will like The Craft! It's got lots of fun creepiness and religious symbols and girls in cool clothes. It's just great.