Thursday, December 1, 2011

Burn the Witches

Rue 21 hairbow; Fantasy Makers black lipstick; Dollar Tree skeleton necklace; vintage USMC shirt; thrifted black shirt and boots; Heritage 1981 dress.

I wore this outfit a few days ago, when I went to Chattanooga with Addison and Brett. We stopped by McKay, which is this amazing store that sells used books, movies, video games, CD's, and records; the store also has bins outside for rejected books, and people are allowed to take as many of those books as they want, for FREE. So, the three of us stocked up on free books, which came in handy when we had a bonfire in our backyard Saturday night.

I've never told you guys about my roommates before, but they are some of my favorite people ever, so I'll tell you a little about them now. I live in a four-bedroom house (where Addison and Brett's parents used to live, before they bought another house and moved out of this one) with four guys: Addison, Brett, Willie, and Steve. They are all a lot of fun to have around. We might even do a Secret Santa kind of thing for Christmas!


  1. SOOO COOL!!! I love the fire, that sounded odd, but its really cool... and your dress is RAD (using old words from the 80s) too..