Monday, October 3, 2011

Never Tear us Apart

I channeled Donnie Darko when I came up with this outfit: black sweater and skeleton tights like Donnie on Halloween, silver glitter shirt like Frank's bunny costume, and a schoolgirl skirt (because the school uniforms in that movie were adorable). And while we are talking about Donnie Darko, am I the only one who prefers the theatrical version to the director's cut? I thought the theatrical version was nice and poignant in its simplicity, but the director's cut is just silly and kind of pretentious. Just my opinion. What are your thoughts?

I sewed my Laura Palmer patch from Poison Apple Studios on to this sweater. Donnie Darko and Twin Peaks might not go together, but they are both eerie and blue-green and somewhat about the loss of innocence, so the combination makes sense in my head.

Bows and toes on my feet.

Rue 21 sweater. Thrifted shirt and skirt. Tights from the Halloween section at Wal-Mart. Five-year-old Target shoes.


  1. I love skeleton leggings!! Awesome <3

  2. Wow! Those leggings are so awesome! Love it

    -Laura xx

  3. adore your leggings and flat shoes dear, cool! i love your blog <3

    follow me if you love to, and i'll follow you back :)

  4. Yes, I love this! I think the eerie teens of both Donnie Darko and Twin Peaks strangely make sense to me too now! :D
    I haven't seen both the director's cut and the theatrical version though. I guess I'll have to google that asap!

  5. I'm lovin' this look, Pagemaster!!

  6. Thanks for the comment. I really like your outfit, especially those wicked tights:) I'm sorry but I haven't seen those movies you are talking about, banish me if you must. I do believe I am following, please follow back (0_0)